alborz restaurant

GHORMEH SABZI $ 13.95 قورمه سبزی
Sauteed fresh green onio , parsley , spinach herbs cook with red kidney beans and diced beef
FESENJOON $ 14.95     فسنجان
Sauteed ground walnuts , cooked in pomegranate sauce and chicken and served with basmati rice.
GHEYMEH BADEMJAN $ 12.95 قیمه بادمجان
Yellow split peas cooked in tomato and onion sauce served with baked eggplant, diced beef and served with rice.
GHEYMEH $ 11.95 قیمه
Sauteed veal and split peas cooked together in tomato sauce and topped with french fries.

LOOBIA POLO $ 10.95 لوبیا پلو
Rice mixed with green beans, fresh tomato sauce, and diced filet.
LAMB SHANK WITH BAGHALI POLO $ 13.95     باقالی پلو با ماهیچه
Basmati rice mixed with herbs, fresh dill , and baby fava beans served with lamb shank.