alborz restaurant

Served Monday through Friday except holidays from 11:00 am to 3 pm
Kebab koobideh CHELO KABOB KOOBIDEH         $ 8.95 چلو کباب کوبیده
One skewered of ground sirloin and mixed with grated onions , broiled on open flame and served with BBQ tomato and Basmati rice
cornish CHIKEN KOOBIDEH KABAB $ 8.95 جوجه کباب کوبیده
One skewered ground chicken  kabab served with BBQ tomato and Basmati
$ 8.95 جوجه کباب بی استخوان
Marinated pieces of chicken tender served with BBQ tomato and basmati rice
GHORMEH SABZI $ 8.95 قرمه سبزی
Sauteed fresh herbs mixed with red kidney beans and veal , served with Basmati
GHEYMEH $ 8.95 خورش قیمه
Yellow split peas cooked with diced veal in special tomato and onion sauce
LOOBIA POLO $ 8.95 لوبیا پلو
Rice mixed with green beans, fresh tomato sauce , and diced filet
cornish CHICKEN SALAD $ 8.95 سالاد فصل با مرغ
Season salad and grill chicken breast.

All choices are served with garden salad