MAST'OKHIAR $ 5.95 ماست و خیار
Yogurt and herbs mixed with chopped cucumber
MAST'O MOOSIR $ 5.95 ماست و موسیر
Yogurt mixed with chopped shallots
SHIRAZI SALAD $ 5.95 سالاد شیرازی
Chopped cucumber, parsley, tomatoes, onions with lemon juice and olive oil
SABZI with GERDOO & CHEESE $ 6.95 پنیر و سبزی و گردو
Fresh tray of herbs(mint, basil, tarragon, radishes, and green onions) served with walnut and feta cheese
KASHK'O BADEMJAN $ 7.95 کشک و بادمجان
Baked eggplant with topping of kashk, mint, fried onions
VEGETABLE SOUP $ 5.95 سوپ سبزیجات
Parsley, dice tomato , potato , carrot , mushroom.
HUMMUS $ 5.95 هوموس
Creamy puree of chick peas and tahini, seasoned with lemon juice and garlic
OLOVIEH (POTATO SALAD) $ 5.95 الویه سالاد
Mixed potato, peas, chicken, egg and mayones
DOLMEH $ 5.95 دلمه
Cooked stuffed grape leaves, rice, tarragon, green onions, parsley and herbs
CRISPY RICE with STEW $ 6.95 ته دیگ و خورشت
Fried rice with a choice of one topping of any available stew (please add $2 if you add two stew)
TORSHI HAFTEH BIJAR $ 5.95 ترشی هفت بیجار
Traditionally mixed aged green fresh vegetables, pickles, carrots, cauliflower, sun chock potato, eggplant and wine vinegar
AGED GARLIC with VINEGAR $ 5.95 سیر ترشی
Garlic and vinegar
SEASON SALAD $ 5.95 سالاد فصل
lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots
NOODLE SOUP  $ 5.95 آش رشته
Variaty of vegetables(parasly , cilantro , spinach , chives) cooked with red beans , pinto beans , garbanzo beans , lentils and noodles